Egg Drop


You’d think this post-snow drippy stay at home kind of Saturday would be a prime opportunity to tackle some complicated soup recipe. Something with a lot of ingredients, a bunch of little steps, multiple pots and so forth.

Well, that may be true, but sometimes you just want a tasty soup you can make while talking on the phone AND watching last week’s Frontline. That would be this egg drop soup. This straightforward recipe for this staple soup comes from the excellent “Food Renegade” blog. I will mention that I halved this recipe today – there’s getting to be a lot of leftover soup in this joint. Simple ingredients, simple directions, doesn’t take long, and uses up some of the copious eggs on site (I don’t know what has gotten into the flock here, but egg production is way up).

Food Renegade adds, “It also has the added benefit of being primal. You know — the kind of thing our ancestors might have eaten 10,000 years ago.” How can you not love that?


1 medium onion, diced

2 stalks of celery, diced

1 Tbsp butter

8 cups of chicken broth

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp soy sauce

1/4 tsp sesame oil

salt to taste

3 Tbsp corn starch + 3 Tbsp water

6 eggs


In medium saucepan, saute celery and onion in butter until soft.

Add broth, ginger, soy, sesame oil and salt. Bring to boil.

Mix cornstarch and water and add to soup. Cook until thickened.

Whisk eggs and add intermittently into soup.


Originally: Egg Drop

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