Day 30 – Pullets and Cockerels


Here is the whole gang at one month. Getting kinda, chicken-y I’d say (yet still peep peep peeping like day olds).

A young hen is called a pullet, a young rooster a cockerel. But how to tell them apart? When asked when you can tell the roosters from the hens, I generally respond that when it lays an egg, it’s a hen. While it is a smart alec response, it isn’t all that off base. Some get bigger faster, some are aggressive, some have trouble getting in touch with their feelings. Possible indicators of roosterdom, but not always reliable. My inclination doesn’t take me all the way to those first eggs, but I need to hear that cock crow before sending him off to military school.

Right now a couple of these birds throw a little rooster attitude around. As this is a hens only club, they may be packing their bags in a few weeks.

Originally: Day 30 – Pullets and Cockerels

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