Cat Teeter Totter

teeter totter.jpg

I’m not one to post pictures of the cats online because, well, that pretty much seems like post desperation. Unless they can do stuff like scuba dive or leap from telephone poles or something. In this case, the cat makes it into the shot only incidentally. What I really want to show you is the “Hartz Cat Teeter Totter”.

My mother is very good to me. Often when she comes to visit she brings with her a box of this and that she has picked up for me along the way. Socks or a shirt, a book maybe or a baking pan she thought was interesting. I score pretty well when mom rolls into town. But I’ve got nothing on my cats.

At Christmas, they will get a bag with little cats toys individually wrapped in crepe paper. Sometimes it’ll be weeks in the opening as they pluck something out now and again and shred their way to a bell with a feather attached or a crocheted mouse (store bought – she’s not that out there).

There have been occasions where she has hidden toys for the cats that I don’t know about until they come trotting in with a sequined fish months after mom tucked it away under the guest bed. It all sounds a little silly, I know, but I think that’s pretty cool of mom to do and the cats seem to enjoy themselves, especially since my idea of getting them a toy is to not throw away a sock that has a hole in the toe.

But every once is a while something shows up in that box that seems a little over the top. Not extravagant, mind you. Generally this stuff has clearance bin stickers or is naturally cheap. I mean over the top in a “why does a cat need this” way. A couple of years ago there was a motion sensitive plastic mouse that made really irritating sounds and automatically scurried away. I’m afraid I might’ve accidentally thrown that in the trash on day two.

So this week we have the “Hartz Cat Teeter Totter”. Took me fifteen minutes to unpack and assemble, including filling up the water filled totter spirit level. Its teeter to totter range is about 3 inches and I can’t fathom these animals working out that kind of partnership. It does have some feathers on it and a fuzzy ball hanging down, so that might bring some interest. I figure it is designed to appeal to people who overestimate cats.

I hope I don’t seem ungrateful. I really like that my mom treats them so well and we’d all be disappointed if she stopped. But sometimes…

So maybe they’re interested in this thing, maybe they’re not. Either way, does it reside in my living room now? It is possible it will accidentally get thrown away very soon. But I’ll hang on to the fuzzy ball. Can’t have enough of those.

On a final note, I will complete your visualization by telling you that I have two cats, both Siamese. I think it would be funnier, however, if this story ended with a much higher number, say fourteen cats. Let’s say that instead. I have fourteen cats.

Originally: Cat Teeter Totter

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