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The Last Chicken Standing

Seven hatches. Six survivors. Ten weeks. Five roosters. A lone hen remains. I haven’t felt this short changed since the finale of “Lost.” So we are left with one little barred rock. Here she is being introduced to the yard. … Continue reading

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The identified cockerel now out of the lineup, we’re down to five. One of these is also a rooster. I think it’s the one on the right there, but he has wisely been keeping his mouth shut when company comes … Continue reading

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Strawberry-cranberry Preserves

Things to do with fresh picked strawberries, part two. Originally: Strawberry-cranberry Preserves

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Strawberry Ice Cream

What do you do with twelve quarts of fresh-picked strawberries? OK, a lot of them get eaten standing around in the kitchen, but hand made ice cream as a follow up will do just fine. And we’re just getting started. … Continue reading

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55 Days – What’s What

Chicks no more. Another few weeks and they’ll head out into the big world outside. I have heard one attempt at a roosterly crow (pathetic, though it was), but did not catch the source. My money is on big black … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichokes

Also called Sunchokes, the Jerusalem Artichoke is a relative of the sunflower. It is a tuber resembling something between a finger of ginger and a fingerling potato. I roasted them in sage and olive oil with garlic and pine nuts. … Continue reading

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