55 Days – What’s What

55 days what's what

Chicks no more. Another few weeks and they’ll head out into the big world outside. I have heard one attempt at a roosterly crow (pathetic, though it was), but did not catch the source. My money is on big black over there. So anyway, some idea of what these birds might be. The two on the left are decidedly Barred Rocks. The rooster in that coop is a rock, so most of these have some of those characteristics, but these are through and through rocks. The white bird there is a Polish, next over is a Rock/Turken mix, which is an unexpectedly pretty bird. Next to that one is the toughest to pinpoint, but I’m giong with a Red Star/Rock, also very cool. And the suspected rooster on the right there comes from a Polish and I’m guessing Australorp.

Or as you might be more likely to identify them collectively – A bunch of chickens.

Originally: 55 Days – What’s What

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