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Choosing Your Chicken Breed

It may not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner. Whether hatching from eggs, starting with day-old chicks or buying juveniles, this is the ideal time of year to start a new brood or look into adding … Continue reading

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Got a Cold? Try These Healthful Gummy Treats

There is no medication lurking inside, but these chewy treats are chock full of stuff that will help keep sickness at bay. Pomegranate juice is high in vitamins A, C and zinc (all good cold fighters) and plenty of antioxidants … Continue reading

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Tool Time: Quick Guide to Garden Tillers

Preparing a garden for planting can be a backbreaking process when armed with little more than shovels, hoes and rakes. The right garden tiller makes quick work of just about any size garden space, cultivating a compacted, rocky or heavily … Continue reading

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Perfect Pickled Okra

For many of us, the best pickles have something beyond just the bright tangy flavor a good brine offers. That thing is crunch. A firm texture and  a little resistance when sinking your teeth into a well-pickled vegetable is the … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Is a Classic

At first glance, carrots may seem like an odd choice for dessert, but a closer look at this particular rabbit food explains why its origins as a dessert ingredient date back as far as the Middle Ages and why this … Continue reading

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Tomato Soup Recipe

I used to work next door to a little restaurant in downtown Cincinnati called Mullane’s Parkside Cafe. Not just because I worked next door, I ate there a lot. Mullane’s was bar none my favorite restaurant ever. Great people, super … Continue reading

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Eat Your Broccoli Soup Two Ways

Broccoli soup is a favorite around here. Throw in some velvety cheese and bring it all to silky perfection with a good shot of heavy cream and it’s nearly perfect. There are those times, though, when regret just might creep … Continue reading

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