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Saving the Marshall Strawberry

Discovered by Marshall F. Ewell in 1890 just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the strawberry that bears his name is a deeply red, intensely flavorful fruit legendary gourmand James Beard called “the most delicious strawberry ever grown.” Entering the market in … Continue reading

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Make a Homemade Carpenter Bee Trap

An unwelcome buzz is in the air. Spotted hovering along deck rails or under house eaves, an all-too-familiar pest has returned. Often mistaken for bumble bees, carpenter bees can be distinguished by its smooth and shiny-black abdomen. Although the males … Continue reading

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Build Your Own Bluebird House

One of the most welcome signs of spring is the emergence of the cheerful bluebird. Three varieties for this colorful insectivore can be found in North America: the Eastern, the Western and the Mountain. Suffering a population reduction of nearly … Continue reading

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