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6 Ways to Humidify Your House (Without a Humidifier)

Are your clothes clingy in all the wrong ways this winter? Are allergies worse than usual? Kids taking far too much pleasure in zapping each other with a well-placed static electricity discharge? A dry house is probably to blame. During … Continue reading

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Raising Guinea Fowl

Native to Africa, but now found around the world, the guinea fowl is an odd duck. Or is it a chicken? Turkey? Although this game bird with a featherless head, bright red wattle and polka-dot plumage belongs to the same order as … Continue reading

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DIY Scratch Blocks for Backyard Chickens

Cold weather got you down? You’re not alone. Chickens tolerate cold weather pretty well, but like the rest of us, winter doldrums tend to set in. Most of the year, free-rangers enjoy scratching in the yard for bugs, grubs and seed, but … Continue reading

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How to Make Sauerkraut

Are there any foods you hated as a kid that became a favorite in adulthood? I have a few. There are lima beans. There’s eggplant. And then there’s sauerkraut. Sauerkraut (German for “sour cabbage”) is made by fermenting cabbage.  The … Continue reading

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Essential Backyard Chicken Terminology

Ever hear of molting? Where does the phrase “pecking order” come from? As the popularity of raising backyard chickens continues to grow, many words have crept into the vernacular, but for those new to raising backyard chickens or considering taking the plunge, … Continue reading

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Cheap Heat: Make Your Own Pocket Hand Warmers

Baby, it’s cold outside! While I may not be facing the pipe-bursting sub-zero temperatures seen in the Midwest this week, we hit single digits here in North Carolina (and here I thought I left cold weather behind when I moved … Continue reading

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How to Increase Chickens’ Winter Egg Production

Under ideal conditions, it takes a chicken about 25 hours to produce one egg. For those new to chicken keeping, it can be astonishing how many eggs a small flock can provide and it seems like the bounty will never … Continue reading

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