A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

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Tilly’s Nest blogger and HGTVGardens contributor Melissa Caughey’s book, A Kid’s Guide to Chickens, offers kid-friendly crafts, recipes and practical tips for raising backyard chickens.

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Learn how to collect, wash and store eggs and what to expect when your backyard chickens lay their first eggs.

chicken 3

What is your chicken trying to tell you? Melissa translates the secret language of chickens.

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What breed is right for you? Size, hardiness and personality all come into play when selecting the best birds for your coop.

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Chickens get bored too. A “chicken piñata” hung in the coop will keep them entertained for hours.

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It’s never too early to pick up a baby chick, but handle with care. Regular contact will establish trust that will last into adulthood. Always wash your hands before and after handling baby chicks.

chicken 7

What do chickens eat? A balanced diet will keep the flock happy and healthy.

chicken 8

Many health problems can be managed at home. Learn what to look for and keep a chicken first-aid kit on hand to tend to minor chicken emergencies.

chicken 9

Chickens love to play in the garden, but can make a mess. Consider planting a chicken-friendly garden for your fine feathered friends.

chicken 10

Check in on your chickens every day. Keep the coop tidy, collect their eggs and make sure they have plenty of food and water.

chicken 11

Chicken coops come in many shapes and styles. Spend some time deciding which is right for your flock before bringing them home.

chicken 12

Backyard chickens mean plenty of fresh eggs. Find plenty of egg-citing recipes to enjoy any time of day.

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Melissa Caughey’s A Kids Guide to Keeping Chickens is available from Storey Publishing and at Amazon.com.

Originally: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

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