Build Your Own Garden Bench

bench 1

The best part of any landscape is a vantage from which to enjoy it. With no angled cuts, unusual materials or challenging assembly techniques, this attractive garden bench is an easy afternoon project.

bench 2

You Will Need:

Two 2”x4”x48” boards /two 2”x4”x45” boards / two 2”x4”x18” boards / four 2”x4”x16-1/2” boards / four 2”x4”x15” boards / four 2”x4”x12” boards / two 2”x4”x4-1/2” boards / nine 2”x2”x45” boards / two 2”x2”x15” boards / scrap 3/8” plywood / one box 2-1/2” deck screws / one quart stain or paint / measuring tape / drill with phillips head bit and #8 countersink bit / square / paint brush

bench 3

Arrange two 2”x4”x48” boards and two 2”x4”x15” boards to form a long rectangle.

bench 4

Use drill with #8 countersink bit to drill two pilot holes into each corner through the long side about ¾” from the end and an inch from the top and bottom of the board. Switch to the Phillips head bit and drive 2-1/2” deck screws through each drilled hole (a total of eight) to assemble the top frame.

bench 5

Insert nine 2”x2”x45” boards into the assembled frame spaced 3/8” apart. Scrap pieces of 3/8” plywood can be placed between the slats to keep the slats evenly spaced until they are attached.

bench 6

Insert a 2”x2”x15” board into each end of the frame (on top of the slats) and attach each to the frame with three evenly-spaced 2-1/2” deck screws (drill pilot holes first to reduce the risk of splitting).

bench 7

Measure 15 inches from each end of the frame and insert a 2”x4”x15” board at each marked spot. These center braces should rest flat on top of the slats and will serve as support once assembly is complete.

bench 8

At each end of a center brace, drive a screw into each side at a 45-degree angle to attach the brace to the frame. Repeat the process with the other center brace.

bench 9

Drill pilot holes through an end cleat into each bench slat and attach the slats to the cleat using nine 2-1/2” deck screws. Repeat the process with the cleat at the opposite end.

bench 10

Drill pilot holes through each center support into each bench slat and attach the slats using 2-1/2” deck screws.  Once the bench slats have been attached, assembly of the top frame is complete. Set aside and continue to base assembly.

bench 11

Arrange two 2”x4”x45” boards and two 2”x4”x12” boards to form a long rectangle. As with the top frame, drill two pilot holes at each corner and assemble frame using 2-1/2” deck screws.

bench 12

Place a 2”x4”x16-1/2” leg at each inside corner of the base frame with the broad side facing the end. Tap in 2”x4”x4-1/2” boards between the legs at the short ends and attach the legs to the frame with two screws each, positioned one inch from the long side of the frame and one inch from the top or bottom of the frame to position diagonally from each other. Drive a screw at the center of the 2”x4”x4-1/2” board into the frame to attach.

bench 13

Box each pair of legs into the frame with a 2”x4”x12” board. Drive two screws though the board at each leg to secure and drive a final screw though the center of the board.

bench 14

Center a 2”x4”x18” board on each pair of legs and attach with two deck screws driven though the foot into the bottom of the leg.

bench 15

Flip the base upright and place the bench top on top of it. Tap the bench top until the top of the base in nestled snugly and securely inside the top.

bench 16

From beneath the bench, drive a deck screw though the base frame at the end of each center brace to attach the base to the top. Construction is complete.

bench 17

Use paintbrush to evenly coat bench with paint or stain. Allow to dry completely before transporting.

bench 18

The best part of any landscape is a vantage from which to enjoy it.

Originally: Build Your Own Garden Bench

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